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Expanded Statement of Services (SOS)

Here are just some examples of services we can provide you through my network of B2B influencers and collaborators:


– Social Media Marketing –  Twitter (such as @evankirstel and many others), Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and other social media content development and delivery on a daily weekly, custom, trade show and other events to nearly 300,000 followers.  Please visit my website for more


– Thought Leadership – we can provide articles of 3-500 or more words on the topics mentioned below on a weekly basis beginning with approval of topics and payment with social media promotion after completion.  Examples would be weekly articles on trending topics such as feature benefits, tech, and other topics.

I can send examples or you can review many of them on my Linkedin account here which can be published on your website, Linkedin and/or publications such as,, and others.


– Executive Interviews & CEO social media mentoring – profile development and C-level assistance as well as ongoing interviews with key executives to get viewers and customers to “know more about you” in collaboration with colleagues such as Dez Blanchfield, Tom Cross, Kevin Jackson and others


– Speaking Engagements – C-level, sales, marketing, customer or other audience presentations.


– Staff Engagement and Advocacy – provide an indepth look at corporate social media engagement as a vital element for improved corporate communications throughout all levels and divisions.  Transform your employees and other stakeholders into a social marketing engine by amplifying social media and online marketing effort.


– Webinars/Podcasts – monthly webinars moderated by EK to review key new announcements.  EK would promote, moderate, provide content review, be involved in rehearsal and then promote archive afterward as 90% of the viewers don’t come to the “live” webinar but come to the archive which they can listen to (that is, the webinar can also be a podcast) if properly designed.


– Customer Case Studies – independent contact with customers to get their views.


– Newsletter development and/or Newsletter distribution – create and/or distribute weekly (recommended) to get you on the radar.


– Onsite event, crisis and trade show attendance – onsite participation, content creation, curation and collaboration on press and other types of public relations including introductions.


– Brochures and customer content – customer centric flyers and other types of content for customer/channel use.


– White Papers – indepth research and analysis on a particular technology, product and/or corporate vision.


– Training Videos – quick topic videos.


– Channel Sales – partner acquisition, lead generation and thought leadership for partners websites to help them help sell your products.


– Professional Services – consulting and advisory services on products, services, corporate vision, strategy and business development.


– Special Marketing Topics – EK is involved with many different B2B market such as digital health.  You can find more here.


– Kirstel Social Selling Strategy – incorporate the KSS engagement via social selling is more than just social media requiring enhanced sales training, communications skills and new technology.  With KSS the next-gen sales staff can “meet” new B2B prospects, gain revenue, lower costs and importantly shorten the sales cycle.   Click here for details on the 7-phase approach to KSS and companion iPhone/iPad app.

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